Sunday, March 14

Happy first birthday, blog.

Over looking Loch Muick.

Its been a over year since I started this blog and its proved very useful as an aid to my failing memory of where we have been and when we where there.

Always seems a long drag from Christmas up to Easter, but the days are getting longer, if only it would stop snowing, we are just about to go into March and its snowed every week since before christmas. We have however managed the odd days geocaching in between the blizzards and a hill walk and no doubt we will get a chance for a couple more leading up to Easter.
Currently planning our next big trip all the way down to Devon with a few stops along the way and having got the van through its MOT, started giving it a spring clean in preparation. Devon looks promising for the walking and geocaching and we are both more than ready for a good break.
I started this entry a few weeks ago and the weather is slowly picking up. says there are now 1 million geocaches active across the world ! "We have our work cut out for us" says Carlotta and I am aiming for 1000 caches by the end of the year.