Monday, April 20

Back to work.

Well that's the Easter over with, so sad to see the van back in the compound, but then May bank holiday is only 2 weeks away.
We found our 500th geocache at Cruden bay and it was a first to find, so that was a bonus. Never got a really good hill walk in, thats something to look towards. On the whole a good couple of weeks, weather has now decided to pick up, but isn't that always the case. With the upsurge in the popularity of holidaying in the UK , I think I need to plan further ahead, hoping to go to Cullen for the Mayday long weekend, I can taste those wonderful fish and chips already. until then its back to work.

Thursday, April 16

Search for our 500th cache.

I suppose holidays this time of year are hit or miss with the weather, especially in Scotland, at least the rain wasn't torrential and things did improve during the second half, if only the same could be said for the geocaching, you would think after accruing almost 500 find in 2 years things would get easier but they don't. 
A visit to Stirling on a drizzly day was made worse when I found the cache details hadn't loaded into the GPSr for some reason, dammed technology !, but I did have them on the PDA with Memory Map, yeah ! technology. Apart from the famous view of the castle from the approach in, I found Stirling uninspiring. 
A visit to Bracklinn Falls brought a nice surprise as we bumped into some other geocachers, something that doesn't happen as often as you may think. I had given this one up in order to take a photo but Carlotta kept going and her persistence payed off. We did want to visit nearby Callander but the place was heaving with the Easter weekend traffic so we gave that a miss. Took an after tea walk from Milarrochy bay C&CC site too Balmaha this was a round trip of just under 6 mile, to find this other cache in the shadow of Conic hill.
A visit to Mugdock County park was very productive, a good number of caches in a relatively small area but an interesting area to boot, views of Glasgow from afar, lots of archaeology old and newer, a very popular place but plenty of space. A DNF here meant we did not reach 500 today.
Off then to the Borders to meet up with the kids, a loverly area to be in but we could only stay 2 days, a visit to the Grey Mares Tail waterfall then off home, but we had to stop off to try to find our 500th cache at the Kirk of the Lowes, again a very interesting spot St Mary,s graveyard overlooking St Mary's loch lots of atmosphere but a DNF for us, when is it going to come.

Something I learnt this week.
Before we set of I noticed the water in fuel filter indicator stayed lit all the time, I tried to remove the water from the filter and buy a new one both unsuccessfully, after a little internet detective work I came across a blog about the poor quality of Tesco fuel. I decided to try other supplies, I had in mind Shell, Esso or BP however it was Asda in the end, no sooner had I gone about half a mile, the light was out and stayed out.

Thursday, April 9

Trip to the Trossocks

Day one, of our Easter break in the southwest of Scotland. Arrived at Loch Lomond mid afternoon, once everything was sorted it was time for tea and with the rain we just settled in for the night. Watched Withnail & I to get us in the holiday mood, amazing surround sound rain effects, had a bottle of Innes & Gun ale, did I say it was raining.
Day two, rain eased off towards the afternoon, 4 caches found but 2 did not find, whilst walking parts of the West Highland Way, a disappointment in one way but loverly spots along the banks of loch lomond. Rain is coming into the toilet/shower as we seem to have lost a cowling off the roof, can’t think how. Had a bottle of Old Jock Ale, was quite nice.
There's still some snow on the top of some peaks so wont be going to high.
We've gone on holiday by mistake !