Monday, July 15

Start of the summer.

Had a couple of days on the Applecross peninsula, Carlotta had never been and I thought it was a good opportunity to test the van on mountain roads. Great Sunday teatime meal in the Applecross Inn, Andy Murray was winning Wimbledon and there were folk musicians playing, they seem quite good. Took a cycle ride around the area and did a geocache at Sand, saw a couple of deer close up.

A couple of days later I went over to  Althandu, one of my favourite places, Took a walk out to the Suilven, a very warm day that seemed to sap my strength, took so long in getting there didn't have time to actually climb it, will try from the other side another time. Had a days fishing for brown trout, not much look there as the weather had changed becoming quite cold over on the West Coast and western isles, the rest of Britain sweltered in a heat wave.
Tomorrow we leave for France.

Suilven., Inverpolly