Saturday, February 28

Geocaching what is it all about.

We started geocaching nearly two years ago, first it was something to do when out for a walk, now we go out for a walk to find a geocache or cache.
This sport or game is now getting us fit, you need to be sometimes to keep it up, we walk for miles and up mountains to boot, but we are addicted.
Other interests are also raised, you definitely need a love of the outdoors and all that can bring.
There are caches inside the Arctic circle down to the Antarctic, some under the sea and the tops of mountains. There is probably one just around the corner from you.
Its taken us from the most beautiful scenery in Britain to some of the grubbiest city back streets and show us places we never knew were just around the corner.
We live in Aberdeen which seems to be the microcache capital of the world.
We chose the name as it could be a team all the family can join, the kids think we are sad, but the tiny ones think its magic.


For some reason I felt that this may be a good idea, well we are up for most things.
There is nothing Carlotta and I like better than traveling around in our campervan, (ok its a motorhome but that sounds too pretentious) the cat (Felix) comes with us and we geocache as we go, It is our only vehical so I cycle everywhere else, it keeps me fit and I really enjoy it.
I have set this particular page up so I can nurture our, but particularly my, inner geek and to find ourselves within the wider world, this is us having fun. We love nature and the great outdoors and geocaching shows us some of the most interesting and exciting places.
One of our favorite films is Dead men Dont Wear Plaid, hence the geocaching name, but I love the old film noir anyway. And I dont mind a bit of art.