Saturday, November 28

Soon be Christmas

Millstone hill, Bennachie forrest, Aberdeenshire.
Just felt the need to make at least one blog entry before November was out. Its been pretty quiet, a couple of geocaching days in the jeep and mostly work.
Now its looking forward to the Christmas break, with a visit to the kids, maybe take in Durham and a stop over in Edinburgh for the new-year festivities, plenty of opportunities for photography and geocaching along the way.

In the meantime we got our fastest FTF (first to find), to cut a short story shorter the cache was secured 15 mins after the email came in, as it was around the corner in Old Aberdeen, once secured it was into St Machar bar for a celebratory wee dram.

Started running a few weeks ago, mostly too keep fit and
in a effort to loose a few pounds as I see I am borderline
for my ideal weight. Seems to be doing me some good and
I get a buzz out of it.

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  1. Nice photo of Millstone hill and well done on the FTF.