Thursday, May 13

3 years of geocaching.

A meander on Morven.

We have now been geocaching for 3 years and that anniversary almost coincides with the 10 years since geocaching was invented, we have thoroughly enjoyed it and really its not exaggerating to say it has changed our lives, it has spurred us both on to make or support minor changes in our lives that then flourished into real lifestyle changes. As a thank you we decided to try and put something into every cache we found this year, tired of finding bits of tat (usually paper tat only good as holding moisture in a cache) in some of them, one example went something like "took £2 coin, left business card from local fishery". Inspired by the geocaching snippet from Splinterheads I bought a 100 plastic finger rings from ebay, really quite cool seen them for £2 each in shops, they can even fit in a film canister. We still might take something from a cache but would put something more in its place.
Here in Aberdeen we had 2 extra days off within a 3 week period, one a local Aberdeen holiday ( yay for Aberdeen) and May day. On the first long weekend off I climbed Morven a local Corbett with a geocache at the top, our 770th, weather. The following holiday saw us in Glenmore, camping on the banks of Loch Morlich at the foot of Cairn Gorm. 

Evening light on Loch Morlich.
We went on a walk right round the loch chasing a small trail of caches, as well as the both of us climbing a nearby Corbett, Diane's first, with which she was really proud. Later that afternoon we went along to a nearby cafe with wi-fi, I logged the caches and made uploads to Flikr as Di watched the birds and a red squirrel feeding.
As we left for the Mayday weekend a trail of geocaches was put out leading up Mount Keen, the most easterly of Munro's, hoped it would have kept a while but no someone else had planned to do one of our caches close bye and extended his visit to take in these caches, hoisted on my own petard. All the time into early May and still walking in snow.

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