Tuesday, October 12

1972 was a long hot summer.

So off to the Dales and Edinburgh next week but in between time, out and about in the little Micra with it radio now working. Loch Strathbeg is just south of Fraserbrough for a bit of caching and bird watching, an interesting place as its a RSPB site in the middle of an abandoned airfield.
We had a great time driving up to it, listening to the past top twenty charts with Dale Winton, reminiscing wildly about 1972, cue Silver machine by Hawkwind.

The following weekend off, to Edzell, mostly to capture the autumn, but a little caching, we swore always to bring the binoculars from now on  because as we went about we saw Buzzards, a couple of Roe deer, some albino Pheasants, a Barn Owl hunting, a Red Squirrel and hundreds of Geese coming in for the winter.

The Rocks of Solitude.

We are also over the moon as our Blog has been recognised, gave me a boost to keep it going,

Dear Carlotta,
Congratulations! Jen here, and your blog, Friends of Carlotta, is a Master
Blog of Geocaching!
We've scoured the web looking for amazing blogs that not only are great in
content, but informative and helpful when needed.  And we've determined your
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  1. Hi,

    We received an email offering a nearly-identical award for our blog. After some research, I concluded that this was part of a fairly deceptive (though not legally fraudulent) advertising campaign. The details are posted on our November 2 blog: http://burrowers.blogspot.com/2010/11/topical-tuesday-beware-of-strangers.html

    Posting the award badge with its link isn't harmful to you, but it does reward deception. You can change that, and still keep the badge, by removing the link (instructions at the end of my blog post).

    All the best to you,

  2. Thanks for that have removed the link in the html.