Monday, January 17

The elusive 1000

Geocaching in Tilery woods.

No Motorhome this winter, lots of snow made that impossible yet again, not only putting payed to that but also the geocaching, we don't much like grubbing around in the snow for them, no matter how keen on the sport we are.
So it took us quite a while to reach that elusive 1000, started getting excited in November but got a lot of DNF's which slowed us up some what, hoped to have got there by new year but it was after when we hit it.

So its a new year, plans to be made, feel its about time we went further afield, meaning the continent, driving on the wrong side of the road.
Just before we were to take possession of the camper I was cycling along Aberdeen beach boulevard, I heard a guy, as he was leaning on his motor home, say, "Yes, as I was driving through Southern Spain". Well I want to do that guy, but a little bit at a time, France first.
Got the cat to think about, he needs his jabs and pet passport all sorting out, maybe in the summer as it take about 6 months.
Have a prosperous NewYear.

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  1. Thank you for dropping by my blog - it is a bit of an unholy mix of things that interest me - some people say I should put the "arty" stuff on one blog and the geocaching on another, etc, but I kind of like having everything in together, and I figure people can jut ignore the bits they don't like. I'm glad that you found both aspects of interest.

    I'm looking forward to seeing all the UK geocaching blogs leaping back into life as the weather improves :)