Wednesday, April 24

Here's hoping.

Its coming up to MOT time and I hope everything is going to go fine. We took it out for a little spin last week, staying at Grantown of Spey for the night and had a nice curry in town, the site was very good.
I brought the van over to give it a a good wash and to put some vinyl tiles down, it snowed over night. Chances are if all goes well we will go to France at Easter.

Well the MOT didn't go well so we never went to France, failed in lots and lots of minor ways, I wont go into detail here, just to say the van is up on ebay as spares or repairs, Id had enough.
We did get away to Althandu for a week so that was good, had my birthday and a couple of nice meals over there. Quite a laid back week, a bit of walking, nothing too strenuous, weather was better over there than here on the east coast, spring seems to be about a month late this year.

Cul mor from Stac Polly.

We took a trip down too Teesside to see the kids, called in to a number of motohome sales outlets and spied a few potential buys, so new acquisition is on the cards, in fact probable off this weekend to pick one out.
Still got France in our sights but for the summer and the Atlantic coast rather than the Cote d'Azur, to hot and crowded down there during the summer, but would love to try for that next Easter.
Still the opportunities for some weekend motorhoming between now and the summer break, nine and a half weeks to that.

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