Friday, April 24

The Camargue

Easter and a return to the South of France, it was such an invigorating trip last year we decided to return, not to the Cote D'azur but The Camargue. We did a one day visit last year and that was enough to entice us back to Saintes Maries de la mar.

Our van under the stars.

Managed an early escape on the Good Friday afternoon and got as far as Strathclyde Park campsite, which meant I could once more take part in the Parkrun there. Then off to Cambridge to find the certificated site I had booked there was totally inadequate, we were in danger of getting bogged down and not getting to the ferry next day. The 3 horseshoes inn in Madingley said we could park in the carpark if we bought a meal and that was very good of them, it was nice and quiet there. Next day, Easter Sunday off onto the ferry and over to France, made it as far as Floret de'Orient, an ideal stopping off point, so well positioned we stopped there again on the return.

Planned to stop over for a couple of nights in Arles but a big festival was on and the had built the fun fare right on top of the camping car parking, driving round the city was a nightmare so decided to go on to Saintes Maries instead.

The Colosseum, Arles.

On the way we passed hundreds of cars heading into Arles, no idea where they thought they would get a park. A couple of nights on an aire but then went onto Camping de la Bris for another 5 nights, we were so comfy and layed back, kept putting off moving and exploring further.

Found there was a bus that went into Arles, 1 euro per trip, Arles has lots of great Roman ruins so had a good look around the Colosseum and theatre, was able to collect a few more medals the French government produce for the various landmarks and antiquities.

The auditorium, Arles.

Took a boat trip onto The Camargue, see the Bulls and White horses

Bulls and white horses

Generally I spent my time walking or cycling, even a little running around the area as well as managing to claim a few geocaches.


The last couple of days in the South were spent at Aigues-Mortes a fantastic place dating back to the Crusades.

We camped at Les Poisson D'Argent, very unusual aire as the price of camping included the right to fish. This was different in itself as it was a salt water lake. Think the restaurant had quite a good reputation as well, but we never partook. Took a walk along the main road into Aigues-Mortes.


On the way back to Calais called in once more at Floret D'Orient, what a difference 9 days made, trees now in leaf or blossom, and 30c this time around.

Khali enjoying the warmth, blossom and bird song.

Khali fitted in very well, enjoying the warmth as she seem to be a bit of a cold critter, this was her first trip abroad and her longest, she was a little star.

Looking back it seemed to be a very foodie holiday with the cordon bleu meal at the 3 horseshoes, Bull steaks in Sta Maries and ending at Au Côte d’Argent in Calais.

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