Sunday, May 8

4 years of Geocaching

Creag a' Choire Dhirich

We celebrated 4 years of geocaching on the 24th of April.
Whilst the rest of the country watched the Royal wedding I went for a 8 mile walk, taking in 3 Munro hills and 7 caches. I say the rest of the country were watching the tele, there were certainly plenty of people on the hills. You couldn't ignore it completely out here because Lochnagar was mostly in view and I drove past Balmoral twice.
We spent a couple of weekends up on the Moray coast, lots of new geocaches up there but a little disappointing as they were mostly micros. One weekend just running around in the Micra, the second in the Motorhome. We used to go to a site at Cullen (see previous blogs) but they have done away with everything but statics. We tried Findochty, nice enough site, we had a bit of a poor spot, I had booked at the last minute and it was full with us.
Just over 8 weeks to go till the big break, plenty to do in the meantime, at least 3 weekends away in the van, just local, dont know where yet except the next will be to Braemar.
Finished this blog with a total of 1,111 geocaches on 8th of May.

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