Sunday, June 5

Spring has sprung.

Cairnbulg point.

May 8th to June 5th
Our favorite campsite has gone over to the dark side, Cullen holiday park no longer takes tourers, just interested in statics, so we are looking for a new favorite place on the Moray coast. We tried Findochy which wasnt bad, fine for a weekend but limited facilities, We did spot another whilst out geocaching nr Inverboyndie so will give that a try at some point, need a nice weekend get away, a couple of hours from Aberdeen and overlooking the sea.
Did a high grade geocache D3.5/T5 called The Smugglers, I have a list of the 25 toughest caches in the area so thats one more ticked off and a bit of adventure, walking in forrest, moor and rocky scree.
As Carlotta now gets every second weekend off we can really get about, Braemar and Loch Callater, a very chilly weekend followed by low impact chilled out time at Forfar.
Now planning for the summer break, Springwatch  has started a sign the end is in sight, we have a weekend at Findhorn to come and I am taking a sea kayaking course, which could be the start of something. Also need to put a new radiator on the van, try a bit of DIY.

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