Saturday, April 14

Easter 2012

 Angel of the North

What a difference a week made. We were geocaching in shorts, 20 degrees C it was last weekend and now confined to the motor home due to snow. Well it wasn’t that bad in North Berwick, we seemed to have avoided the thick laying snow that they had in Aberdeenshire, but it was blowing a gale and not very nice at all.
We put off the big geocaching trail and did a few in North Berwick itself and I climbed the Law for a couple, hoping the following day would be better, it wasn’t.
The Caravan club site at Yellowcraig was pretty poor for a CC site, cramped, no internet and masses of kids flying about on bikes and scooters. The coast was very nice and inspired some photography.
Then off to Teesside, tried to call off at Craster, a coastal village famous for its kippers but our way was barred by a low bridge, too low for the motorhome. To make up for this disappointment we paid a visit to the Angel of the North.
Had a few days with the kids, took them for a day out to Whitburn, did some geocaches by the National trust, good quality Took a walk on the moors, with snow still lying around,  nothing to taxing as I was full of cold.
Off back up to Aberdeen with a call off at The Trossachs, a Camping in the Forest site near Aberfoyle, very wooded site as the name hints at, lots of birds chirping which was great, opportunity for fishing, maybe next time, definitely worth another visit and only four hours away.

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