Saturday, May 26

Waiting for summer

Glen Clova from Driesh.
Employer policy is to do away with bank holidays and add an extra week at summer, so no long weekend get a ways, Carlotta is only off every other weekend. The long weekends were great taking us from the Easter into the summer, breaking things up nicely. Weather has been poor,except for the unusual warm spell we had before Easter we still get the odd snow flurry. 
We planned to have a weekend in Braemar, but when we picked the camper up for the trip I noticed diesel pouring out of somewhere, so cancelled that trip, but just as I was to take the van to a garage, I had a look in the engine bay, spotted a pipe had split, a quick fix and we were back on. I was hoping to bag a few Munro's but the late getaway put paid to this, however had a nice but short weekend.

 Managed a 12 mile walk over the Munro, Driesh, failed to find the geocache at the top and one other, more to do with apathy and tiredness than DNF, but its was a great walk in GlenProsen.

Huts at Hopeman
Went to Hopeman for the weekend and had a couple of walks along the Moray coastal path. We have been looking for a replacement campsite for the one at Cullen who have done away with tourers in favor of statics, this could be it, views of the sea from a platform they put us up on.

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