Sunday, October 7

St Cyrus.

Moonrise and Sunset at Miltonhaven.

Last weekend of September, just a short trip and one night out at St Cyrus, a walk along the beach and a few caches. Miltonhaven, a decent site, great Internet connection,  but been to better locally.
Took the opportunity to put some new set covers on which helped to spruce her up. Noticed someone has put the bike rack on in such a way the back window can not be closed properly, letting in the elements, that's the next job.

New seat covers

Sorted that bike rack issue out, can still use it but the back window is fixed shut but that's OK, fitted new lighting tubes over the cooking area and removed the stupid latches from the bonnet. Measured up for some floor tiles and some other bits and pieces including an aerial are on order. Blocked off the water too the shower area, we are thinking of using it as a wardrobe in some way as we usually use site showers so it wouldn't be missed.
We are going to have a weekend cleaning and sorting bits and pieces out, then the following weekend we are off on our first major trip, a couple of nights in the Trossachs, then the Lake district before we visit the kids.

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