Sunday, September 16


Portsoy sunset.

We had a short weekend at Portsoy, first time outing in the new van, on a nice little site run by Aberdeenshire council, right on the sea front. We arrived on Saturday, noon and left the same time Sunday, took a walk around the bay in the evening. Living four floors up in the city the van is our garden, its just great to get out and have a different view, we prefere a view of the sea.
I replaced the camlocks on the bonnet, they came with multi-cam fitting which was lucky and one configuration worked, now I can get rid of the terrible bodge job of buckles, new travel catch on the fridge. We found that when the toilet or hand basin tap was turned on, water also came out of the shower, going to seal that off, wouldn't really use it as there are plenty on the sites we stop at, may even turn it into a wardrobe. Still looking for a substitute for the site at Cullen, this wasnt quite it.
Got plenty to do to her before before the October break, I have started to learn French.

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