Sunday, September 9

Our new van.

We got our new van, well new to us. Its a Hymermobil B564 ‘A’ Class, a design classic, 1991. It has a Fiat Ducato  2500 cc engine and chassis, ever since we started Campervaning we would see the Hymers buzzing around and admired them.
We bought it from Leeds and in bringing it to Aberdeen covered 339 miles, I worked it out that we got 27 mpg, I filled it up twice with £40 worth of diesel each time, 57 litres in total. We suffered no mechanical problems.
When saw this one for sale, it was a bit different, decor wise but all that was superficial, once we started cleaning and measuring and really getting to know it.  Became quite obvious its under gone a lot of bodging from some of its owners, cant believe some of the handy work its had over the past 20 + years.
We have started working towards getting it a bit more shipshape, plans are afoot and it is already looking better, we got rid of the black carpets making it a whole lot brighter, managed to drop a cable down from the flat and gave it all a good vacuum and steam clean.. If it lasts us over the next 5 years that will do fine.
Next weekend we will spend our first night in it, going to Portsoy and I start my French classes.
I dont have any photos yet but this is a very similar model. David Bowie and the B534

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